Many recognition awards and trophies are made from acrylic, which is lasered with your custom art, logo, and lettering. Plaques can be mounted on wooden or acrylic bases, either to hang or stand on a table.

Engravable Plastics
For signage, face plates and similar items, we use special laser-engraving plastics. The outer color is lasered to expose different colored material below.

Glass and Crystal
Awards and drinkware lead the pack in this area. Stone such as marble or granite also makes a great base for lasering. A tile of either of these is a great backdrop for an engraved photo.

Painted or anodized metal is marked by lasering through the coating, resulting in a contrast of the bare metal to the coating. Uncoated metal plates must have a treatment on them prior to doing CO2 engraving. The etching comes as a chemical reaction. Trophies with engraved plates are available, medals, gift items. Firearm parts can be engraved also.

Frames and Mats
Picture frame mat boards engrave well. Quotations, poems, inscriptions, dedications, and the like, engraved on mat board is a unique and cost effective way to personalize a custom frame. There are also many frame mouldings available that can be engraved.

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