The cost of engraving is a fluid thing. Are we supplying the item to be engraved or are you? What is the cost of the item you like? Do you want a photo engraved?

We never charge for engraving set up. We base our engraving charge on the time it takes to laser the item. If we are creating a custom piece of clipart for your item, or redrawing a logo, there may be a nominal extra charge for drawing.

If you are choosing an item we have in stock for your engraving, we can quote you an exact price. If you have the item, and are bringing it in for engraving, we need to evaluate the material in order to give you an accurate estimate.

Prices start at $10.

With engraving, as well as framing, we are happy to provide you with a free estimate.

We take all types of credit cards, cash, check, or Red Wing Chamber Bucks!

Fill out the adjacent form or call us directly at 651-388-0159.

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