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The newest addition to our gift and award product line is Full Color Dye Sublimation. This allows us to print vividly colorful art, photos, drawings, or logos to many different substrates that allow for many new personalized items!

Put your child’s sports photos on a key chain. Put their name and jersey number on a bag tag to keep track of their gear. Personalize your stadium cushion so you don’t get it mixed up with everyone else’s generic team printed one. Coaster, cutting boards, tiles, shirts, hats…the list is endless. Wedding pictures, graduation pictures, all on items that can be easily shown off.

The process of sublimation includes a specialized ink, which when exposed to heat, and under pressure, transforms from a solid directly to a gas, which permeates the substrate and makes a permanent bond. The images will not wear off, wash off, or scratch off. It also allows printing of brilliant, full color images.

See more of the products offered by CLICKING HERE.

For more information about our sublimation services, please fill out the adjacent form or call us directly at 651-388-1059.

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