red wing mn

It’s been an exciting time here at Backwoods. Jerry, Jeff, Bridget and I have just purchased a building in downtown Red Wing! 405 W 3rd street in Red Wing will soon be the new home of Backwoods Framing & Engraving. You might remember the building as Hughes Shoes, and it presently houses Wise Penny Thrift Store. It is in between Walgreens Pharmacy and Wanshura Jewelry Store. We think it will be the perfect fit for Backwoods. We are honoring Wise Penny’s lease agreement, so won’t be moving in until they can find another suitable home, but by September, we will be moving! Hopefully, we will be open for the prime tourist season of “leaf looking”. The foot traffic on 3rd street, tourists, and folks from the river boats should compliment our loyal local customers, and make Backwoods even bigger and better.

We have LOTS of ideas of things to show in our new space. Our goal is to be the store you want to revisit every couple of weeks to see what’s new. We will have all types of gifts,for all types of occasions, that can be purchased as they stand or be personalized. We will also have some “school spirit ware” esp. for moms! Dance moms, soccer moms, baseball moms..finally will be able to get that tshirt/sweatshirt to proclaim your alliance! Do you want a little bling? We will include some bejeweled ones!

Custom framing will continue to be a big part of Backwoods. We want to take the mystery and fear of pricing out of the custom frame picture. We will have a group of materials to frame up to poster size for less than $100. We will also have some pre-framed Red Wing themed art for tourists, gift giving, or your own walls.

What would YOU like to see in the new store? Send us a facebook note, email, or reply on our contact page with your ideas for what we should add to our offerings! Everyone that gives us their opinion will receive an email coupon for $5 off their first purchase in the new store!