Our goal is to have your artwork arrive safely to it’s final destination. Assume you will have to brake hard on your way home. When putting the finished work in your car, keep in mind how you can position the art to avoid it moving around.

When you have more than one piece of art, put the pieces back-to-back to avoid the hanging hardware from one piece scratching the adjacent piece. We see lots of frames scratched this way.

If you need cardboard pieces to help cushion or secure your art, please ask. We always have cardboard around.

We’d be happy to deliver your pieces, especially over-sized pieces, if necessary.

Generally, it is better to transport art on edge rather than flat. We like to put art in the back seat on the floor at an angle leaning against the back seat. Sometimes the passenger seat can be leaned back to help secure the framed piece.

If your larger pieces are laid flat in the trunk or in the back of your station wagon or van, slide them forward against something solid in case you have to stop quickly.

If you like, bring a blanket or pillow along for cushioning on your way home.

If the Minnesota temperatures are at their usual extremes, either hot or cold, we ask that you not leave your framed art in the car for any length of time. Framed art is susceptible to temperature extremes; and the temperature change from the hot or cold outside air to the room temperature in your home or office may generate moisture and produce condensation in the frame package. That moisture can damage the artwork.

We work hard to frame your art beautifully. A little care helps to get your art home safely.

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