Ready Made Frames
We literally have thousands of frame styles to choose from. Most of them we order for your specific project. We also carry almost 100 frame styles in stock, ready for your use. This allows us to finish your project with no time delay. For the project that begs for an “edgier” look, we have a special line of mouldings that includes skulls & crossbones, music notes, Polynesian motif, patriotic, and card-type mouldings.

Most of the frames are made from wood but we do have a few made from metal.

We also have a supply of premade frames in standard sizes.

Handmade Frames
Using materials in our in-house woodshop, we can make handmade frame mouldings from different types of wood, finished any way you want. We have even had some folks bring in their own wood for use to use. If you have an old barn at home, pull a couple boards from it to frame your next rustic piece.

Special Order Frames
If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we can also special order anything you need. We have experimented with all sorts of things. From backlit frames to oval frames to Plexiglas frames if you can think of it we can get ahold of it.

Matting Options
We have hundreds of different colors and textures to enhance your art and frame choices. The possibilities and combinations are unlimited! Single mat, double or triple mat, suede or linen, fabric wrapped or custom designed . . the choice is yours! Choose the shape of the mat opening. Our mat cutter can cut ovals, circles, and many things in between. We use all conservation framing material, and can do complete archival framing.

Glass Options
You have your choice of different types of glazing, or glass. We can provide regular picture glass, or we can protect art from UV light with conservation glazing in regular, anti-reflective or non-glare choices. If price isn’t an object, you won’t believe what museum glass does for artwork. You can’t even tell the glass is there! Picture-quality acrylic (Plexiglas) is also available in UV protectant and regular.

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