red wing small business

Today was the start of, hopefully, a journey to a half a million dollars! If you haven’t heard of the small business revolution, sponsored by Deluxe Corporation, look it up. They are choosing one small town from the US and investing in its small businesses. Last year was the first and Red Wing didn’t make the cut. This year is a different story! Red Wing is one of the final 8 towns. That meant a visit from the folks at #TheSmallBusinessRevolution. Amanda and her crew were out and about Red Wing today, visiting the small businesses in town. They visited Hanisch Bakery, Mandy’s, Oliver’s, Josephson’s, SJ Subs, Red Wing Brewery, AND Backwoods Framing & Engraving.

I was able to tell the Backwoods story to Amanda and her crew. Starting with the early days of framing, thru Jerry’s illness and death, to him still looking over my shoulder while at the front desk of the store. They saw the laser in action, how the other machines worked, and the difference between regular framing glass and museum glass.