Thank You!

We have been in our new digs for about 7 weeks, and it has been a wild ride. We have had overwhelming support from the community, and neighboring businesses. Our “official” grand opening was a huge success with a crowd for the ribbon cutting, and great foot traffic all weekend. A shout out to Billy Hanish/Hanish Bakery for hooking us up with a great cake, and DONUTS ON SUNDAY!

Those of you who know us know that Jerry, my hubby of 38 years, passed away in August. He didn’t get to see the building completed, but I like to think he’d be proud of what we made. His spirit was definately here, looking over my shoulder during the festivities, as his photos were in the frame behind my desk..

As the Christmas season begins, I am thankful for all of you that have visited our store, read our facebook posts, had items engraved, or pictures framed. I am humbled by all the well wishes for success of our storefront, and expressions of sympathy at Jerry’s passing. I’ve now returned to my nursing job at the hospital (Icu now instead of ER), so am not always at the store. If I miss you when you come in, my apologies, but know that Michelle and Bridget will take good care of you, as they are the talent in the group.

Looking forward to a busy December and into the new year. I hope everyone scopes out our great selection of personalized giftware, ornaments, signs, crosses,..the list goes on and on. Everyone on your list would love something personalized just for them!

I’ll attach a couple photos of what we have available.20161015_131548 20161015_131553 20161015_131630 20161015_131641 20161015_131705 20161015_131717 20161015_131726 20161015_131735 20161015_131745 20161015_131753 20161015_131835 20161015_131855 20161015_131905 20161015_131916 20161015_131920 20161015_131924 20161015_131933 20161015_131946 20161015_131957 20161015_131959 20161015_132004 20161015_132024 20161015_132037 20161015_132052 20161015_132106 20161015_132110 20161015_132116 20161015_132151 20161015_132202 20161015_132208


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