Welcome to the new Backwoods website!

It’s an exciting time here at Backwoods. We have a new professionally designed website! There are several pages that are waiting for me to design content, but the main part is up and running! I’m unable to import old blog postings, so I hope you all have kept up.

There have been alot of changes here in the past 10 months. In March of last year, I decided I couldn’t keep up with all the engraving work and needed assistance. We were amazingly lucky to find Michelle to fill that spot. She is the most awesome artist, crafter, designer, engraver..the list goes on and on. She has been responsible for the growth of the engraving and sublimation end of Backwoods. She’s been through a lot since beginning here, not the least of, having to totally run the business a week after starting, when my mother became ill and passed away.She is an indispensable part of us.Backwoods Framing Print-1

In May, Jerry, the vision behind Backwoods, became very ill and was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. The summer was full of dr. appointment, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and general inability to continue to work in the business. Enter our good friends Bridget and Jeff Battenberg. It was very important to Jerry for Backwoods to continue, but we was unable to do it alone. Living in a big house in the country is great, until you can’t do what it takes to care for it. Bridget and Jeff offered to help. In July, Bridget joined Backwoods as a full time framer. That freed me to become solely as designer (as well as my full time ER job) and bookkeeper. Jeff is our “facility caretaker”, repairman, maintenance person, builder, remodeler, groundskeeper, and whatever title needs filling that day, as well as his full time job as maintenance supervisor at SCS Elevator Products. They live with us, allowing me to go to work without worrying about Jerry being alone. In return, they are full partners in BWFE. Again, we couldn’t do this without them.Jeff and Bridget

Jerry’s treatments have been successful in improving his condition, and he has already outlived the Dr. expectations. Our wonderful helpers have allowed us to enjoy his improvement with extra time to travel and spend together. We live much more in the moment, and appreciate each good day. We appreciate our wonderful clients who allow us to continue to work doing something we enjoy, and understand if occasionally things may take a day longer than they did previously.

Here’s to many more years of Backwoods Framing and Engraving being the growing business it is with all 5 of us working toward that goal.


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